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  1. Getting the best from our Natural candles

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    1. Trim your wick. Our candles come with the wick pre-trimmed and ready to burn. Each time you relight your candle you will need to trim off some of the burnt wick, this will crumble between your fingers, removing this will keep a safe, steady flame.
    2. Allow for the first burn. When lighting your candle for the first time, it is important to let it burn for at least 2 hours or until the complete surface of the candle has a pool of wax across the whole diameter. This will prevent tunnelling and ensures an even burn throughout the candles lifespan.
    3. Avoid draughts. Place your candle in an area where it will not be exposed to draughts, as they can cause uneven burning and excessive smoke.
    4. Safe candle usage. Always place your candle on a heat resistant surface and away from flammable objects, never leave a burning candle unattended and keep it away from children and pets. Never leave used matches or bits of burnt wick in the candle wax this can lead to larger than normal flames. Replacing the lid when not burning can keep your candle free of debris and locks in the gorgeous essential oils we use.

    All you need to do now is cwtch up and enjoy your candle…

  2. Why choose a natural soap and shampoo bar?

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    Our soap and shampoo bars contain nothing but natural ingredients, we use natural oils such as olive, castor and sweet almond, and blend them with natural butter such as coconut, shea and cocoa. We only use essential oils to fragrance our bars and natural colourings such as spirulina and turmeric. Natural soaps will add moisture to your skin and prevent dryness.

    Commercial off-the-shelf soap often contains chemicals, fragrances and preservatives which can be harmful to some skin types and cause dryness, irritation and allergies.

    Things to look out for in off-the-shelf soaps are S.L.S. (sodium lauryl sulfate), a common surfactant found in many off-the-shelf soaps. It acts as a foaming agent and detergent which can strip your skin of its natural oils which can cause skin irritations and allergies.

    Parabens are used as a preservative in soap to extend the shelf life of a product. These can also cause skin irritation and even worse, studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones and negatively affect fertility.

    Synthetic fragrances give most off-the-shelf soaps their smell and can be found in everything from candles to air fresheners, these are generally produced made from synthetic chemicals which are mostly petroleum-based and be detrimental to health with people who have sensitive skin being at a higher risk of developing an allergic reaction to them.

    Our all-natural soap and shampoo bars are biodegradable making them totally safe for our environment and waterways.

    So as a small independent business, we use ethical and sustainable ingredients and practices plus we plant a new tree in the world with every order…