Reef Break Shaving Soap


This highly nourishing shaving soap will give you a robust lather for a natural shave. All natural bentonite clay helps provide that needed layer of protection and glide for a smooth close shave. This soap is suitable for both men and women.

A traditional shaving brush is required with this soap.

After seeing the many saddening pictures of birds and wildlife harmed by the throwaway, multiblade plastic shaving cartridges we have taken the decision to promote traditional shaving.

I have to admit it took me a while to embrace traditional shaving but after a bit of trial and error plus a few razor cuts, I have learned to love my new shaving regime.

It comes with a feel-good factor too, all the natural materials and energy saved that go with modern throwaway shaving practices.


Weight: Approx 180g

Ingredients: Essentials oils etc. We only use the finest ingredients in our soaps to clean and moisturise your skin, even after the hardest of surf sessions in the saltiest of seas…